Deburring - and this is no secret - is a very important step during the finishing of plastic components. GEISS have carried out comprehensive tests which so far have led to 3 different techniques. They are introduced here in an overview:

  • A fixed knife always deburrs one side each time. This method provides the best deburring quality particularly as the knife is flexible.

  • Another technique consists in fitting some new profile cutter into a flexible mandrel which does not move along the plastic edge very often.

  • And finally there is the possibility to deburr both sides of a drill hole with a single plunging process via a newly developed deburring tool.

All 3 techniques can be used on GEISS standard machines. However, combined trimming and deburring work on a single machine does bring economical advantages only if the machine also has the dynamic to move with fastest possible path speeds. Only then will the deburring process be faster than the actual trimming cycle alone.
Further on another new job was: machine deburring of aluminium parts trimmed on a production centre. The components were processed with a robot; the biggest part is 250 x 250 x 150 mm large.

The solution of this brief concluded at GEISS with a complete new development in the field of deburring. GEISS reversed the principle of processing: The tool is not being driven, but the part is being passed by the tool step by step via an optimum controlled CNC-machine. The head of the trimming machine has therefore been set up for carrying the triple gripper. The gripper takes the component from the pallet and passes it along a large number of processing tools - for example a polisher, flexible mandrel, buffer, etc..

The last processing station is the washing and rinsing in a container. The advantage of this deburring method is obvious: Not only does a CNC-machine work extremely more precise than a robot; it also eliminates the tiresome robot programming with its infinite optimising trials.

In addition to that, CAD/CAM solutions are possible. Furthermore, the CNC processing machine is no more expensive than a robot and improves the output considerably. An additional plus point is the faster processing time due to path control.

To achieve optimum results during deburring was so far always a "tightrobe walk". The new development of GEISS opens new vistas for processing of highly precise and demanding parts.