About Us

Established in 2002, the independently owned and operated Geiss, LLC is the exclusive importer and distributor of GEISS machinery and provider of service, spare parts and technical support in the United States and Canada.

The organization is led by Michael Roche & Rolf Obermann working together with our team of experienced sales and service engineers. These expert resources enable GEISS to provide existing customers and potential clients with comprehensive and competent advice in their local market.

Our showroom in Connecticut allows GEISS to demonstrate our full range of capabilities. The full range of GEISS Vacuumforming, CNC and mold making technology is available for the purpose of equipment demonstrations, in-house training sessions and the performance of material and mold trials. All are possible at the request of customers and potential clients. 

Despite an industry which has a culture that is entrenched in the format for which they do business; our market analysis indicates North America is poised for a paradigm shift. To date European processing technology is virtually non-existent in North America. To a large extent, processors utilize machinery and processing techniques that are based on a technology platform that has been nearly static for more than 30 years. 

With continuous increases in the cost for labor, materials and energy; never has there been such driving need for change.

GEISS machinery is both engineered and built with the primary focus on a high-level process control and the savings of valuable resources related to vacuumforming.

This state of the art technology yields the highest possible level of process control while utilizing the least amount of time, material, manpower and energy. These benefits allow processors to produce the highest level product quality, manage the most difficult materials & applications and can do so at a lower operational cost than is possible with the traditional type of equipment already in use in the North American market.

The recent and steady climb in the cost of energy and of operating a business in North America has forward looking organizations seeking to find ways to compete in an ever more difficult environment. 

But now with the benefit of machinery that is engineered to handle these circumstances that have been pervasive throughout Europe for many years, Germany in particular, where labor and energy costs are at a world high, now North American companies can gain a competitive edge by investing in their future with GEISS equipment.

Our "closed chamber" machine construction together with our "Flash" (halogen) heating system, they deliver process control and speed at a level that is unmatched by any other machine available in the market.

We welcome the opportunity to showcase these benefits in live demonstrations. You can find out the details of a path to long term success by sitting down with our engineers to learn more about these and many more benefits available.