About Us


Geiss is well known as a supplier of vacuum forming machines.

We started in 1957 with innovative thermoforming equipment, Geiss invented the first Closed chamber-machine. The T-type machine was developed in 1967, this type of machine was called T for the German word tief. It was the first thermoformer where the working height was reduced by setting the table cyclinders on the top frame. The machine was presented  ohnePodestund Grube and was the basis for any closed chamber cut sheet machine until now.


What Makes Geiss Unique

Geiss is the only supplier with Thermoforming machines, CNC-milling and trimming machines and mold making under one roof (www.geiss-ttt.com)


Parametric design allows machine size variation in extremely wide ranges

Halogen heaters in 2 different versions are suitable for any material, Infinitely adjustable clamping frame (also in programmable version),  Infinitely adjustable window plate to adjust any sheet size without additional parts

Integration with CNC machine for fully automated processing, Geiss in many cases is an obvious choice for turn-key solutions.

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