The winning formula: the parametric concept

GEISS AG use the principle of parametric design throughout their manufacturing facilities and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Parametrically designed machines can be variably customised in size and degree of automation. When a variable is changed, the design worksheets allow the automatic adaptation of the other components and dimensions. The necessary scaling is provided by our specially developed software that encompasses the complete manufacturing process. The "digital factory" at GEISS AG with nearly 100 % vertical integration extends to such a degree that programming is no longer done on the machines themselves. All CNC programs are automatically written off-line by specific software.

Parametric design that characterises all production stages makes the organisation very flexible: due to the preliminary work in the design and sophisticated production flows it is now irrelevant which machine size or optional equipment has been ordered by the customer. To provide stepless variation of machine sizes, GEISS AG does not use standard steel sections for the machine frames but produces specific sections of steel and aluminium sheet. For example, the lead time for a trimming machine of the ECO series is less than 6 weeks from ordering to delivery.

The benefits of the parametric design at a glance:

  • selection of any machine size,
  • continuous further development of all series, every machine we build is always state-of-the-art,
  • no difference between standard and special sizes because "special developments" exist no longer,
  • absolute optimisation of support sections since individually designed sections are bent on press brakes without resorting to standard sections,
  • selection from an enormous number of free options which permits the optimal equipment of every machine.

The development of parametric design is the strongest weapon for us and for our customers!